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Konferencja „Europe, democracy and fundamental rights” 2022

This two-day international conference aims at gathering a wide group of researchers,
practitioners, civil society representatives, students and general public from Poland,
other EU states, and other countries, to reflect on the condition of the European Union
from an interdisciplinary perspective, linking legal and political science approaches to
the debate. The rich themes of the conference will be focused around three broad issues:
Module 1: Europe: key challenges facing the European Union.
The first module will look at the European Union from the perspective of both internal
and global problems and opportunities, looking at the work plan of the recently
elected EU Institutions. It will consider these sectoral issues in the light of the ongoing
debate of rather fundamental importance, touching upon federalism and
conferedalism, national, European and global perspectives and the challenge of
Module 2: Democracy: EU liberal order, democratic governance, identity and
the populist shift.
This theme will look into the EU problems from both European and national
perspectives focussing on „the people”. It puts into question the following statement:
the anti-establishment populism, which pits “the people” against the political elites and
the mainstream parties they represent is likely to continue into the new decade.
Populist promises may become policy, and democratic institutions will be put even
further to the test.
Module 3: Fundamental rights.
This theme will build on the 10th anniversary of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
becoming a legally binding instrument and reflect on how, with the help of the whole
enforcement chain and in particular national authorities, civil society, and rights
defenders, it can become a meaningful part of everyday life. The key topics of
discussion will be: the legal value of the Charter, the scope of application and content
of the Charter, hints on application and interpretation of the Charter, the relationship
with the European Convention on Human Rights and other human rights provisions